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Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today, originally uploaded by maotai.

the day seems the same

the work, the people

and the games i play

but the familiar is different

for i look through your eyes

from my heart you reside


Remember, originally uploaded by maotai.

remember our kisses

remember our hugs

the tender moments

when our heartstrings tug

for we know when tomorrow comes

the mind returns and logic rules

then we die a little and rues that time is rude

Friday, June 24, 2005

Shanghai - Linda

Nokia(11).jpg, originally uploaded by maotai.

Linda, the boss of Real Shanghai Cafe. Maotai's hangout in Shanghai...

Friday, June 03, 2005

sgblogconspiracy - There Is NO Conspiracy

what with the rumors spreading in the singapore blogsphere that has even managed to reach maotai here in changzhou?

maotai does not believe that there is a conspiracy going on. after meeting the bloggers at the hideout last month, maotai has submitted a report detailing the personalities of those said bloggers. the truth is that there is not one conspiracy but SEVERAL conspiracies!!! maotai will reveal three of the cases he has uncovered;

Conspiracy 1: mr. miyagi is lim buey tor!
the mild mannered gentleman we know so well is the wild partying gentleman lim buey tor of whom we also know well. LBT's lifestyle; the partying, the drinking, the 5/10 games and the young women has certainly taken its toll. remember how tired looking mr. miyagi was? look at their blogs, completely different, the contrast is so wide that it could only has been deliberate! the blogsphere's very own clark kent/ superman.

Conspiracy 2: none of the bloggers look the way they actually do.
this has been aptly demonstrated by LMD whom we were misled to mean 'littlemissdrinkalot'. how wrong we were LMD is the Lethal Mistress (or master, no one of coz really knows) of Disguise. LMD has offerred her skills under the guise of nail shaping and painting. how deviously clever! one of her customers is FF, deliciously disguised as a shunu. if you are a regular visitor to FF's blog you would know that she is an axe wielding testicles crushing amazon equipped with hot irons and army boots,certainly not looking like the gal in a japanese chekopek's wet dream.

Conspiracy 3: the coming sgblogcon is a trap!
the authorities know that most of sg bloggers are actually aliens. yes, aliens. why do you think that even after years of mind numbing brainwashing singaporean style education, bloggers here are able to keep an independent mind. that is because we are not human. look at the real picture of LMD for proof. many bloggers are into deviant alternate lifestyle practises like spinning weird music, copiously downing macallan, using apple products, talking too much about sex, having too much sex, having no sex, tattooing, body piercing, bar top dancing and other deviant non singaporean mainstream social behaviour. and horror of horrors, they are not doing all these to be cool but really enjoying and blogging about it too!
with all the aliens in one place (NLB branch too!), the sgblogcon is the perfect opportunity for the gahmen's MIB (Mission to Influence Bloggers) to identify know us, to vivisect understand us and to control engage us better.

but maotai will be ready! he has his grouche marx disguise ready. he suggests that all bloggers to visit LMD's "nail spa" and get their custom made disguises for the event.


5/10 Showhand

5/10 Showhand

how do u define a winner? the one who gets to drink or the one who does not get to drink?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

To Beijing

To Beijing

the regular monthly for me. SQ812 1.20am takeoff which will get me to Beijing by 7am.