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Friday, August 15, 2008


You know that the angmos have us licked when their women besides being more hairy than us have got balls too :D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stories from the quake zone

from TV reports;

1. a teenage boy was pulled out of a collapsed school after being trapped for over 2 days. as he was carried away on a stretcher he asked one of the rescuers, "uncle i would like to have a coke!"

2. towns and villages were all isolated by landslides. during the quake and continuing aftershocks, boulders as big as cars rolled down the mountains destroying roads. cellphone stations and landlines were all wiped out and no one knew the situation at these places. paratroopers were sent and they parachuted above rain clouds into the devastation. the captain hollered "the time has come, the party and people has given us this mission. for the country and for our people let's successfully complete our mission." for many survivors, the appearance of these paratroopers gave them hope and notice that rescue was on the way.

3. a policewoman breastfeed eight babies, many of whom who were left motherless.

4. a group of about ten children ages 5-12 have been standing by the side of the road for the past few days. they hold simple placards expressing thanks. when asked, a girl said that they were moved by the efforts of the people who helped them. from the report, it was the rescuers who were touched by the strength of these children.