travelling salesman. fav drink maotai. maotai makes it much easier for me to deal with people. that includes you so don't go leaving any nasty comments :)

Thursday, December 29, 2005

festive drinking...

festive drinking..., originally uploaded by maotai.

hoegaarden white at the wala2. meeting some friends for dinner. but the real action starts at 2000hrs when the bloggangsters come. it has been awhile since we met so there will be some drinking tonite ;-)

so consider you've been 'jio'ed, join us if you are in the neighbourhood.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Turtle head!

Turtle head!, originally uploaded by maotai.

what maotai got his american friend R to eat LOL

R had the blood and gall as well, the traditional way with chinese vodka!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Shanghai - Afternoon Coffee

Shanghai - Afternoon Coffee, originally uploaded by maotai.

came back from a crab feast at yangcheng hu lat night. she has to work today and i am taking a break from a very tedious stressful beijing trip. will be leaving for singapore tomorrow for a few days before heading back to beijing next monday. have to close a multi million deal before christmas.

am reading 'tuedays with morrie' and wondering when i can actually learn to let go... and still be me. how much of what i do is really me? how much of it is what others expect or want of me?

when i start having more questions than answers, it is coz i am sober LOL.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dusty Windy Shanghai

Dusty Windy Shanghai, originally uploaded by maotai.

foggy hazy busy shanghai. just had my cuppa at my fav cafe across from the hilton. the setting is not quite perfect; the noise and pollution of the traffic here at hua shan lu is the biggest flaw.

but the facts are that;

.. i am in shanghai,

.. meeting her,

.. good dinners,

.. had a good night sleep and

.. will be eating hairy crabs at yang cheng hu tomorrow

make me happy and relaxed.

Dusty Windy Shanghai

Dusty Windy Shanghai, originally uploaded by maotai.

foggy hazy busy shanghai. just had my cuppa at my fav cafe across from the hilton. the setting is not quite perfect; the noise and pollution of the traffic here at hua shan lu is the biggest flaw.

but the facts that;

.. i am in shanghai,

.. meeting her,

.. good dinners,

.. had a good night sleep and

.. will be eating hairy crabs at yang cheng hu tomorrow

make me happy and relaxed.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Beijing Ascott Starbucks

Beijing Ascott Starbucks, originally uploaded by maotai.

just relaxing away the morning after a long and stressful week in beijing. everyday was a rush here for meeting, rush there for meeting routine. every meal except for breakfast was a business lunch or dinner. gotten to the point when later in the week, fatigue set in and i kinda sat back and just ate without bothering to talk shop. i think i could be forgiven afterall i am here in beijing second time this month with only a three day break in between.

so a starbucks coffee, a relaxing morning then a 4pm flight back home. 3 nights in singapore and i am off for a hopefully relaxing holiday in bangkok. there is of coz work involved but one grabs what one can get ;-)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

China Open

China Open, originally uploaded by maotai.

maotai is attending a tennis match in beijing. maotai knows nothing about tennis except that the ladies wear shorts under short skirts when they play.

the game is between venus williams and a spanish girl named lagoster.

right now at 8pm the score stands at venus 6:3 and 4:1.

and venus seems to be receiving some medical attention for her knee.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beijing Houhai

Beijing Houhai, originally uploaded by maotai.

having the chinese original chivas and green tea. seems to be getting to be a good night out ;-)

In Beijing

In Beijing, originally uploaded by maotai.

yes, am back in beijing will be attending an IT event for the week..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wala Wala

Wala Wala, originally uploaded by maotai.

am now at holland v waiting for makanguru and gang to turn up. though it started as a boys nite out we invited LMD as we would love to *cough*torture*cough* see her before she goes under the knife.

as usual i started early with older folks and did a bottle of cask strength 58% macallan, her 12 year old sister is the choice now. would love to do the 18 but they have a special on the 12 and i am a sucker for a bargain ;-)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

An Espresso in Guangzhou

An Espresso in Guangzhou, originally uploaded by maotai.

am leaving tonight for singapore. this has been one of my longer trips. i can say a couple of things;

. business in china for me is really taking off

. hangzhou is beautiful

. good coffee can be had

what can i say, tired and happy ;-)

Xian "prata" in soup

Xian "prata" in soup, originally uploaded by maotai.

had this over the weekend in Beijing. walked into a hugely popular eatery. everyone was having the same thing and it seemed good. one was given a couple pieces of round flat bread that looked like prata only thicker and very very hard.

so one would have to tear these into tiny crumbs. when that you have bowl full of crumbs, mutton soup would be added.

must say in my most humble opinion that it was not really worth the effort. the soup was too salty and the mutton tasted rather strong. now, if the soup was to be replaced by soup kambing then it would be much better.

guess i must be missing singapore more than i care to admit :-)

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子, originally uploaded by maotai.

it is the prettiest city in China.

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子, originally uploaded by maotai.

it is the prettiest city in China.

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子

Hangzhou - 西湖 & 西子, originally uploaded by maotai.

it is the prettiest city in China.

Friday, August 05, 2005

3 weeks in China

3 weeks in China, originally uploaded by maotai.

off on my regular. will be a busy three weeks. shanghai, hangzhou, liuzhou, beijing, jinan and guangzhou.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good Night.

may my love sleeps well tonight
dreams sweet of me her knight
the charging white horse neighs
carrying her through clouds nigh

Friday, July 29, 2005


people are many
i see only you
voices are loud
i hear only you
desires are strong
i want only you
passion is unwavering
i love only you

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Where have I been?

been here, been there
been everywhere, been nowhere

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Good Morning ...

Good Morning ..., originally uploaded by maotai.

i wake with a song in my heart

it is a joyous song

its beat is pure and simple

its melody is clear and uplifting

the song is you, my dearest love

good morning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

As we part

As we part, originally uploaded by maotai.

longing reflected from your eyes

stabs my heart with its steely blade

i fear to know the fullness of the pain

for as we part that it will surely be

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Simple meal

Simple meal, originally uploaded by maotai.

simple meal for a simple man. hong wen mutton soup at beauty world plaza.

brings back memories of maotai and friends during pre-u days. when we would pontang the last session for the day and rush over to capitol cinema. there was a food alley there and the chinese mutton soup was divine.

most of you are too young and would have no idea that there was even a food alley there :)

so ask a respected elder like a parent or uncle or aunty. anyone who can help me track down that chinese mutton soup will get a bottle of maotai from uncle maotai. LOL

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Friday, July 01, 2005

She said.

She said., originally uploaded by maotai.

what i want you cannot give me, she said

you cannot and will not offer it because that is the way you are

when we first met five years ago

i sense the danger to my being, the possible heartache, the pain

i know you are a well, your walls are smooth and your waters deep

for five years i enjoyed you on the few occasions

when you came into town, sipping wine and coffee

talking of our common interests, having great meals

i know you are a well, you are deep and your waters refreshing

i tasted waters from the well and it quenched my thirst

i think i did right for the five years, i went on with my life

i immersed myself in my work not thinking about the impossible

i found myself a boyfriend who looks like you

thinking that probable is better than the impossible

i think i did right for the five years

till four nights back

you called we met and i started thinking 'just once' 'only once'

as we walked your warmth overwhelmed me

as we sat across the table i wanted you

'just once' 'only once'

to have what i do not have cannot have will not have

'just once' 'only once'

i think i did right for the five years

then that was four nights back

i drank i drank deeply and sank into the well

you are a deep well your walls are smooth i find no escape

bring me to the top release me

i cannot do it alone i do not have the strength

i hate you

i did right for the five years

i love you

please release me

... and we cried, bound.

Thursday, June 30, 2005


Today, originally uploaded by maotai.

the day seems the same

the work, the people

and the games i play

but the familiar is different

for i look through your eyes

from my heart you reside


Remember, originally uploaded by maotai.

remember our kisses

remember our hugs

the tender moments

when our heartstrings tug

for we know when tomorrow comes

the mind returns and logic rules

then we die a little and rues that time is rude

Friday, June 24, 2005

Shanghai - Linda

Nokia(11).jpg, originally uploaded by maotai.

Linda, the boss of Real Shanghai Cafe. Maotai's hangout in Shanghai...

Friday, June 03, 2005

sgblogconspiracy - There Is NO Conspiracy

what with the rumors spreading in the singapore blogsphere that has even managed to reach maotai here in changzhou?

maotai does not believe that there is a conspiracy going on. after meeting the bloggers at the hideout last month, maotai has submitted a report detailing the personalities of those said bloggers. the truth is that there is not one conspiracy but SEVERAL conspiracies!!! maotai will reveal three of the cases he has uncovered;

Conspiracy 1: mr. miyagi is lim buey tor!
the mild mannered gentleman we know so well is the wild partying gentleman lim buey tor of whom we also know well. LBT's lifestyle; the partying, the drinking, the 5/10 games and the young women has certainly taken its toll. remember how tired looking mr. miyagi was? look at their blogs, completely different, the contrast is so wide that it could only has been deliberate! the blogsphere's very own clark kent/ superman.

Conspiracy 2: none of the bloggers look the way they actually do.
this has been aptly demonstrated by LMD whom we were misled to mean 'littlemissdrinkalot'. how wrong we were LMD is the Lethal Mistress (or master, no one of coz really knows) of Disguise. LMD has offerred her skills under the guise of nail shaping and painting. how deviously clever! one of her customers is FF, deliciously disguised as a shunu. if you are a regular visitor to FF's blog you would know that she is an axe wielding testicles crushing amazon equipped with hot irons and army boots,certainly not looking like the gal in a japanese chekopek's wet dream.

Conspiracy 3: the coming sgblogcon is a trap!
the authorities know that most of sg bloggers are actually aliens. yes, aliens. why do you think that even after years of mind numbing brainwashing singaporean style education, bloggers here are able to keep an independent mind. that is because we are not human. look at the real picture of LMD for proof. many bloggers are into deviant alternate lifestyle practises like spinning weird music, copiously downing macallan, using apple products, talking too much about sex, having too much sex, having no sex, tattooing, body piercing, bar top dancing and other deviant non singaporean mainstream social behaviour. and horror of horrors, they are not doing all these to be cool but really enjoying and blogging about it too!
with all the aliens in one place (NLB branch too!), the sgblogcon is the perfect opportunity for the gahmen's MIB (Mission to Influence Bloggers) to identify know us, to vivisect understand us and to control engage us better.

but maotai will be ready! he has his grouche marx disguise ready. he suggests that all bloggers to visit LMD's "nail spa" and get their custom made disguises for the event.


5/10 Showhand

5/10 Showhand

how do u define a winner? the one who gets to drink or the one who does not get to drink?

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

To Beijing

To Beijing

the regular monthly for me. SQ812 1.20am takeoff which will get me to Beijing by 7am.

Monday, May 30, 2005



was rushing the entire morning. now that i have some time before my 3pm appointment, i can relax a little. at starbucks @suntec for my first(!) cup of coffee for the day and a tiramisu,

a pitstop in the rat race LOL

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Band of Bruthers... Kenna demoted.

we drank + we drank + drank... absolut-ly wonderful LOL

E, you are OK. wait from 6pm. YOU are okay!!!! V, you are okay too but i think we cheenas can drink more vodka!!!!! LOL

and you appeared. we 5/10 little bit. we sussed each other out. coz that's the way men are. we pushed. we ranked.

for speaking bahasa indonesia, E you are bruther. for tuning down and keeping quiet L and V you are bruthers. L, you understand, you let me go. I KNOW.

i no longer uncle to you guys. i owe you E two drinks.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Cowboy Bar barflies get real...

Cowboy Bar barflies get real...

the place was hideout at 31b circular road. where maotai met some of the nicest young people in singapore. makanguru the organizer was late but i spied mrbrown, mr. miyagi and james seng. they drove and weren't able to partake the alcohol to the same level as maotai. leave your cars at home the next time!!!

onelittletwit was so warm and welcoming. got maotai plugged into the group with intros and all. we have a bet, no smoking for a month for 2 dozen bottles of hoegarden. bloggers' honor! red wine at wine & company also can do.

tripleperiod, i don't know why you have problems looking for galfrens? if i were 20 years younger my problem would be too many choices!!! all the intelligent and mature ladies around, the cream of the female youth in singapore were gathered there.

good dependable mandrake, solid as a rock. with jordangoh who actually uses his real name coz he has nothing to hide (unlike the most of us LOL)

FF who really really looks like a "shunu" (drool drool... makes uncle a chee ko peh). would look so good in a sailor school uniform, who is so different from her blog persona. FF, do you have a ghost writer????

Joel is also "shunu" target. long long hair sweet sweet one LOL

MailOrderBride looked every bit as desirable as in her photos. so no need to advertise in catalogs lah LOL

celle and sandra caused a stir when they walked in... no, celle you are not too vulgar uncle has heard worse LOL yes, yes, please talk to moblog about including rssfeed, ask them to consider it for the convenience for us blog stalkers.

blend into the background mirclay, watching observing... you are a dangerous one LOL

cute cute barffie with her jeff boy boy. such a cute sweet couple!

and LMD, the one who makes me think. in your search for answers you have pushed me to do the same. to understand myself and my emotions and my needs. to constantly evaluate my stand. thank you.

yes, thank you everyone. for letting me know that a far far better world will come because you guys are.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

dogs or rather skinned dogs on the way to the market. dogs here are either pets or food. Posted by Hello

grapes in liuzhou. didn't know that grapes can grow so far down south. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Changi Terminal 1

Changi Terminal 1

am off again to Liuzhou, Guangxi China. will continue posting by email. if you are on Blogspot, i may not have access to read your blogs. yes i talking to you my fav bloggers, LMD, FF, al, twit, shion, ... at least i can get LBT. take care and see you guys soon.

China Southern CZ352

China Southern CZ352

the plane to Guangzhou, another flight to Guilin and a car ride to Liuzhou.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

It Is Hard When One Is Popular

It Is Hard To Be Popular

It Is Hard To Be Popular

as a drinking buddy. have now butterflied over to be with A, S and R at Muddy Murphy's for a couple of black and tan. i am turning seriously alcoholic i tell you LOL

Friday, May 13, 2005




where we finished a bottle of Johnny Walker. Jiajia was much much nicer than JW.

New Friend - Miss Highland Park

New Friend

she is a little rough and saucy.

Three Scottish Ladies

Three Scottish Ladies

am at my fav joint and the guys decide to tango with three different scot singles; miss macallan, miss highland park and miss bowmore.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

What Can Never Be

but life is such
can only create in the mind
what can never be
but sometimes that is enough
let the spirit be pampered
see us thru another day
in hope of happiness

Third Bottle At Thumper

Three Bottles of Macallan Today

but brenbren not around. the band was good though*hick*

Three Bottles of Macallan Today

Three Bottles of Macallan Today

12 year old, a little young but great for five ten :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Got Thirsty

Got Thirsty

was chatting with LBT and Biatch on msn. when LBT opened a can of beer and got me thirsty. ran out found a pub and got myself a drink. no self control LOL

Saturday, May 07, 2005

My New Reading Glasses

My New Reading Glasses

yes, uncle needs them *sigh*

Friday, May 06, 2005

Imperial Stormtrooper

Imperial Stormtrooper

the empire has landed stormtroopers along scotts road.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Chinese Story - How Alcohol Was Invented

a long long time ago, a man had a dream. in the dream a fairy told him to collect a drop of blood each from three different persons and to add the blood to a brew of rice and water.

when the man woke up he went to the village crossroads and waited. the first person that came along was a scholar carrying books and in the robes of the class. the man then asked for a drop of blood. the scholar consulted the i-ching, decided to provide the man with his blood and went on his way.

the next person who came along as a soldier. the soldier gladly offered his blood without even asking why the man needed it.

the man waited and waited, soon evening came and he was tired. as he was making his way home he saw the village idiot squatting at the side of the road. deciding that the fool would do, the man pricked the fool's finger and took a drop.

when the man reached home, he brewed the rice and water, added the three drops of blood, let the brew sit for a few weeks and alcohol was invented.

thus the nature of alcohol, the first phase of drinking allows us to wax philosophical, we would seem learnt and would have the answers to world problems. the second phase makes us brave and reckless, fearing nothing and wanting to fight everything. and lastly we reach the stage of being fools.

so now you know, LOL