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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Beijing Ascott Starbucks

Beijing Ascott Starbucks, originally uploaded by maotai.

just relaxing away the morning after a long and stressful week in beijing. everyday was a rush here for meeting, rush there for meeting routine. every meal except for breakfast was a business lunch or dinner. gotten to the point when later in the week, fatigue set in and i kinda sat back and just ate without bothering to talk shop. i think i could be forgiven afterall i am here in beijing second time this month with only a three day break in between.

so a starbucks coffee, a relaxing morning then a 4pm flight back home. 3 nights in singapore and i am off for a hopefully relaxing holiday in bangkok. there is of coz work involved but one grabs what one can get ;-)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

China Open

China Open, originally uploaded by maotai.

maotai is attending a tennis match in beijing. maotai knows nothing about tennis except that the ladies wear shorts under short skirts when they play.

the game is between venus williams and a spanish girl named lagoster.

right now at 8pm the score stands at venus 6:3 and 4:1.

and venus seems to be receiving some medical attention for her knee.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beijing Houhai

Beijing Houhai, originally uploaded by maotai.

having the chinese original chivas and green tea. seems to be getting to be a good night out ;-)

In Beijing

In Beijing, originally uploaded by maotai.

yes, am back in beijing will be attending an IT event for the week..

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wala Wala

Wala Wala, originally uploaded by maotai.

am now at holland v waiting for makanguru and gang to turn up. though it started as a boys nite out we invited LMD as we would love to *cough*torture*cough* see her before she goes under the knife.

as usual i started early with older folks and did a bottle of cask strength 58% macallan, her 12 year old sister is the choice now. would love to do the 18 but they have a special on the 12 and i am a sucker for a bargain ;-)