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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


My ex was frigid. Or maybe it was my fault (NOT) Would it be better if I just had my way with her when I needed her? I didn't, I couldn't, and now we are apart. Is this better for us? For her?

16 years of a no sex marriage and hardly any before. Lots of guilt when I did the deed with others. Why??? A catholic upbringing? Incompatiblilty?

Life sucks and that started me on the road to why I don't believe in Jesus Christ now. Just as well, because I have found the truth.

Note to Pope; the church screwed up BIG TIME. Falling catholic birth rates, increasing divorce rates amongst catholics ... Just as well. Religion is a dinosaur.

Everytime I read about the priests caught fucking girls, women, boys and men, I remember the thousands more dedicated true believers doing good work. Doing the hard slogging while you wear red Prada shoes. Blind faith is really blind. Smoke and mirrors! FUCK YOU and all that you stand for. Power and Money.